Race Teams

You can race as a privateer. However, many look to race teams to provide services such as race support, coaching, kart setup and more. Use a race teams knowledge to accelerate your learning in karting or their expertise to put you to the top of the grid.

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Driver Coaching

A great way to improve your skills as a kart driver. Many will tell you driving a kart is very different to driving a car, these guys will show you how. Whether you're just starting out or an experienced driver there's always that extra winning 10th of a second!

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Race Support

Race support is often provided by race teams, you may be allocated a mechanic to work closely with ensuring you're kart is tuned and prepared for the race ahead. Most teams provide awning space, race telemetry and tools needed to keep you running at your optimum level.

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Engine Rebuilds

Engine rebuilds are common in karting, these little engines are pushed to the limits so they need to be well looked after. Depending on the engine you're running and what level you're competing will define how often it needs a rebuild.

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Kart Setup

Send your kart to be setup before a race weekend. Most services will realign your chassis if necessary, prepare your engine and setup the chassis for a specified track. If you have just bought a chassis you can get it setup just right for your height, weight, race class and driving style.

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Dyno Engine Tuning

Engine setup can be a tricky process, using a dyno will give you accurate feedback on how your engine is performing and whether the changes you're making are indeed improving performance.

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