We are still working on this ‘New to Karting?’ page, soon you will have the ability to put in your age. location, budget and other important factors and find exactly what options you have to either get involved in karting or get better at it, this is why KartPit exists! If you’re interested you can learn more about KartPit’s purpose and plans here.

We always get the same questions and our advice is always the same. People always ask, how do I get into karting? It’s a common question because is not the easiest sport to get involved in. Whilst we are still building the functionality on our website to give you all the answers easily here is our advice for now:

  • Use KartPit search features to find your local track, race organisers, race teams and services. We are currently adding all the mentioned for the UK, then the United States, then either Europe or Australia and then to the rest of the world. Apologies if your area is not yet available we are working as quickly as possible :) Otherwise..
  • Establish an idea of what you want, do you want to have a bit of fun in your own kart, or do you see yourself entering races and getting competitive? If you just want to have some fun, call up your local track and ask if they have open testing or driver-owner sessions, check what their restrictions are, then go buy a kart suitable for you. This will allow you to get a lot of track time in fast kart for relatively low cost.
  • If you’re looking to get into kart racing competitively a good place to start is to work out a budget, there are race organisers out there that cater for all budgets. Don’t be put off at your first finding if it’s too much money, keep looking until you find the perfect club/championship. Entering a low budget event isn’t going to get you a seat in Formula1 car (if that’s what you want), but it’s a place to gain experience and show your talent to potentially gain sponsors for higher level karting.
  • Once, you have established a budget, start looking (if your location is not covered by KartPit yet) then google is a great place, search things like ‘kart track near me’, ‘kart club near me’, give them a call, don’t be shy they want your business after all! Tell them your situation, age, location, budget etc. they’ll be sure to point you in the right direction. If you’re young and need your parents help, show them that you’re serious about it and do the homework for them and present your findings.
  • I you have any further questions we would love to help, email us at info@kartpit.com

Good Luck, we look forward to see you become a part of this amazing sport. Go ahead and create your very own driver profile, it will allow you to socialise with other racers, teams and much much more! First create an then once you’re logged in, you can create your driver profile!

Oh, and don't forget to check out our FREE karting tutorials. These are part of our promise to support people in their karting journey and help lower the cost.